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Control how you learn & progress

Private Learning

A complete martial arts training experience from the comfort of your own home.

Workshop weeks

We feature a series of special workshops led by your instructor.

Kids, teens and adults groups

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age.

Summer programs

Keep progressing even in your summer holidays though a variety of engaging martial arts and mind science activities.

The SNU Mission

Realizing that the key to disseminating the pure Budo Taijutsu was the development of a formalized curriculum, SNU is dedicated to organizing all the techniques in the most logical sequence based on their simplicity and usefulness for self-defense.

What our students say about SNU

Edward Aponte is very dedicated to the art Ninjutsu. My 5 year old son LOVES his one on one sessions. I am also taking lessons but am on the yoga/meditation side and it’s AMAZING! The society we live in can cause so much stress and these sessions help to find the core to my issues, identify them, breath through them, journal them, work through them, and let them go.
Jamie Kjelstrom
I've taken martial arts in the past and I get the feeling that you're just a cog in the machine. But with certified ninja club you get one on one time With Sensei Aponte. Sensei is knowledgeable, and a real mentor. Meditation class is so much fun. Once again very knowledgeable and relaxing. I highly recommend not because I attend but because I feel you learn so much more when you receive one on one instruction. Sensei Aponte keeps tradition alive and I like that. 5 star for sure.
John F.

Frequently asked questions

What Martial arts am I studying?

The short answer is Budo Taijutsu. BT is made up 6 of the 9 ryu’s (traditional martarts schools.) The Grandmaster overseeing these 9 schools is Masaaki Hatsumi with his organization Bujinkan as its steward.

Who is Samurai Ninja University for?

SNU is perfect for everyone interested in classical martial arts with contemporary applications. Also SNU is ideal for all practitioners of Jinenkan, To Shin-Do, Genbukan, and all Bujinkan offshoots.

How long will it take me to Graduate from Samurai Ninja University?

SNU’s extensive curriculum can take between 5 to 6 years to complete your exposure to Budo Taijutsu, but a lifetime to experience glimpses of expertise.

Will I receive rank or a “black belt” from Samurai Ninja University?

SNU takes a traditional approach to transmitting this classic martial arts and does not offer “belts” but you will receive a certificates of completion along your journey through SNU, and a final diploma marking your personal martial arts achievement.
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